Art and mathematics form a symbiosis of the best of both worlds – beautiful plane-filling curves. The geometrical designs are modern and timeless, they are the result of our scientific research. You can find jewelry and other products here that show the elegance of mathematical art combined with German craftsmanship.

We are proud to present our Spreadshirt-Shop! You want geeky, stylish or elegant? We offer Tank Tops,T-Shirts, Hoodies and Accessoires with curvy artworks, so there is really something for everyone. Our main motivation is to make these curves more popular. Check out the math behind the curves and our publications to get to the root of their mysteries and learn more about the project.
We are honored to say that two of them have been accepted for the mathematical art exhibition at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta, January 2017!

We recently found love for historical geometry made in Nuremberg, inspired by the novel "Meister Frantz and the Curse of the Blood Rubies" from Edith Parzefall.

Another highlight is this year is our participation in  Computers in Scientific Discovery 8 (CSD8) in Mons, Belgium. Professor Arndt will present his paper „Plane-filling curves on all uniform grids“.