Welcome at points & edges!


  • Mathematics + Programming + Design = fractal monster curves
  • Scientific reasearch you can touch and wear
  • geometric, modern and timeless
  • High-quality and natural materials
  • Made in germany* with love


Bridges Linz 2019 - we are in


We are looking forward to presenting our latest research with an artwork, a paper and a 30 minute talk. We will give you daily conference updates on Instagram :)

Historical geometry in the free imperial city of Nuremberg 1582


An thrilling historical novel by Edith Parzefall - with some illustrations by points & edges!

Meister Frantz and the Curse of the Blood Rubies (Hangman of Nuremberg Vol. 3)







* Wir stellen unsere Shirts, Hoodies und Taschen (noch) nicht selbst her, sondern gestalten sie mit Hilfe von Spreadshirt.  In diesem Fall kommen also die Designs aus Deutschland und die zu bedruckenden Produkte aus verschiedenen anderen Ländern.